Paramore – Brick By Boring Brick

Directors: Meiert Avis & Chris Ledoux


Vigilant Citizen  did a detailed analysis of this video, linking it to mind control. It’s an illuminating read.

However, the connections between abuse, symbols and ritual magic goes back to the beginning of our recorded history.

Some hidden event caused caused the initial mind shattering trauma.

Our minds have been under control in one way or another for thousands of years.

One might view the increasing seepage of psychic imagery into the popular consciousness as a sign of growing mental and spiritual health.

Freud did a lot of cocaine, and Jung may have spanked his patients, but they also gave us the keys to the arcana that we imprison ourselves and each other with.

Better to hold these keys to understanding yourself, otherwise there is always someone around who will want to lock you up with them.

For me the video was about psychic healing. At some point we we just going to have to “get over it” and grow up.

As for Paramore, they are artists, art seeps from the unconscious.

That they use these symbols in a video doesn’t mean that they are mind control victims, any more, or less, than you and I or Disney.

And then there’s Katy Perry’s Wide Awake video:

Treatment PDF

Jeremy Alter was the Producer.

Craig Kief The DP

Philip Duffin the genial Production Designer.

Chris Ledoux also  the VFX Super

© Meiert Avis


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