Jakob Dylan -You’re No Match

Director: Meiert Avis Music video for a song written for Michael J. Weithorn’s  movie: “A Little Help” starring  Jenna Fischer.

It’s a touching and understated film. Unusually, the lovely lyrics were written specifically to the movie characters.

Jakob re-recorded the vocals and added female vocal harmonies, all while shooting shot his performance. The man makes it seem effortless.

I made a video with his father for the song “Series of Dreams” back in 1991. It was an eery experience to look through a lens years later and see an identical curious glance come from Jakob. It’s not just the way they look, it’s inside, and it goes to the ancestors. Or maybe it’s Back to the Future.






Director: Meiert Avis

Producers: Meiert Avis & Jeremy Alter

DP: Charles Papert

Music Production: Pat MacCarthy

Location: Ocean Way Studios, Los Angeles

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