New Found Glory- Don’t Let Her Pull You Down

Director: Meiert Avis, Jeremy Alter.

Pop Punk heros New Found Glory  team up with Meiert Avis and Jeremy Alter for a hot chick vampire video for “Don’t Let her Pull You Down” from their “Not Without A Fight” record.

I love it when bands are loyal. NFG are pretty much run as a collective, which is probably why they still exist.

For the director in some ways it makes it harder, in some ways its better.  You have to do a lot of talking, answer many questions, but in the process many of the questions that you don’t yet know the answer to get hammered out before the shoot. This time we had two directors so the brain damage was mitigated somewhat.

The video is both an homage to the great horror movies of the 1980’s, and a commentary on the  divisive tragedy that has afflicted relationships since Gloria Steinam dined with the devil and betrayed her gender.

If men aren’t able to be men, then women inevitably turn into demons from hell and terrorize the whole neighborhood.

It was the shortest night of the year. Not so good for a night shoot, especially one with dialogue scenes and FX makeup.

Haley Williams shows up on the set in the middle of the night.

In addition we had Stryker and Kate Graham.






The behind the scenes is fun:

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