The Pretty Reckless – My Medicine

Directors: Meiert Avis  Stefan Smith & Taylor Momsen

Taylor’s directing debut. We probably created a monster, but hey, she has the experience and the ideas.

This is another Reckless video that has many versions and took some time in post..Stefan and I went all out on the flame to make a lot of trippy visuals, but in the end we realized out that you can do it all on iphone with one app or another  these days so trippy doesn’t have the impact it used to.

The shoot was relatively easy. One location, The Barclay Hotel down town LA. Three grungy  rooms connecting to each other. Many movies, including the bath scene in Inception, have  been shot here so there are layers and layers of expensive art department: distressed paint work, some really weird wallpaper, and as a result everything looks like one wishes the Chelsea Hotel would. The light through the windows is beautiful in the evening.

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