Monsters of Folk “The Sandman, Brakeman and Me”


Yim Yames singing M.Ward’s beautiful lullaby.

This was a live shoot at Shangri-La Studios on Malibu, one of four Monsters of Folk songs we recorded and shot that day.

These have been strange times, and they are about to get stranger. Innocence has been eaten up by the wolf.

I can barely understand the information flow anymore, there is so much cog dis,  but I am sure there is still meaning out there somewhere, quiet,  hidden, quivering nose wet, sniffing the air, waiting until  its safe to come out again.

CHeck out the beautiful M.Ward songs on his “Wasteland Companion” album.

Growing up is not so bad.

And it gets better. You only have to wait a little while.

The drifting trees outside the window remind me of being underwater.

And the sandman’s waiting to deliver me my dream
Deliver me my dream, deliver me my dream
Guess I’ll lay my head against my elbow and the window
Let my wheels go, let my wheels go……….

Director: Meiert Avis
DP: Craig Kief
Engineer: Eric Lynn
Special Thanks: Jeff Ayeroff & Lydia Sarno

Lens: Leica

© Meiert Avis 2013

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